Domestic flights during COVID-19

The pandemic has engulfed the entire world, dealt a devastating blow to tourism, and significantly reduced the number of trips. Despite this fact, planes continue to fly for those who need it vitally for work or health. Do not be afraid of flying at this difficult time, be well prepared, and pay attention to details by staying vigilant and well informed. We hope that our tips will help you do this.
  • Use a mask and wash your hands. According to the CDC, you must cover your nose and mouth with a mask or cloth in public places. If you were not able to buy a mask, do not worry - you can use a scarf, towel, t-shirt, or even make a mask yourself.
  • This is important not only for you but for everyone else too. Some people carry the virus without experiencing any symptoms, that is why face covering will help in limiting the spread of the virus. Some airlines have already made it mandatory to use masks on their flights. Diamond Coach Limousine also recommends that you pay attention to how to properly dress and remove the mask. 
  • At each stage of travel, remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds or use a sanitizer. It is also recommended to use disinfecting wipes on the plane to wipe all surfaces that other people may have touched (armrests, table, window).
  • Use the limo service instead of public transport.
  • By reducing the amount of contact you have with people you are protecting yourself. Drivers in limo services use masks in accordance with state regulations, the cars are disinfected after every ride and the number of contacts between the driver and passenger is kept to a minimum.
  • Online payment and registration.
  • In our time, online check-in has become the norm, but we would like to remind you that there is no need to print your boarding pass. Just upload it to your phone via the airline's app. You can also pay for your baggage there, but it is safer to use only hand luggage during a pandemic. Limo service transportation and all airport payments are also better to carry out non-cash payments.

The CDC says the virus is believed to mainly spread between people who are within about six feet of each other. This is why, in order to stay safe when making important trips, you need to keep a distance from other people and avoid touching your face. If you touch anything or need food, be sure to wash or disinfect your hands both before and after. And remember that whether or not it's legal in your final destination, the CDC recommends self-quarantine for 14 days.

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