Miami International Airport MIA

The Miami International Airport is a little more difficult to navigate than the next closest international airport in Fort Lauderdale. MIA is a much bigger airport with many airlines flying in and out of it at all hours. This is an airport  we would recommend one leave with plenty of time, especially if you are not familiar with it. There are a few highways and local roads that provide access to this airport which is convenient, however it is time consuming since there is usually a bit of traffic in the surrounding areas due to its location. Like we mentioned before there are a lot of airlines that use this airport so that is another reason to leave your self some time to navigate it and find your airline. There are several terminals at this airport and the amount of traffic going in and out will cause delays. Parking is a bit of an issue at this airport. It is usually very busy so there have been many times were we couldn’t find parking closest to the area we wanted to park by.

MIA map

Video by Jacek Zarzycki

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