About Us

Diamond Coach Limousine is a locally-owned limo service that has earned a reputation as the finest limousine car service in Boca Raton, South Florida. Our clientele expects only the best and that is what we deliver. Established in 1998, Diamond Coach Limousine has been providing first-class chauffeur service in Boca Raton and surrounding cities.

We are known for offering reliable and dependable limo service in the Boca Raton area. 

5 amazing facts about Diamond Coach Limousine

1. Kids welcome on board!

Diamond Coach Limousine picks up your brood with pre-installed car seats fit for infants, toddlers, and big kids who still need boosters. There is a $25 fee and reservations are best made a day in advance to ensure seats are available, especially if you require multiples. We have the right child seat as per age, height, and weight of young guests. Select Infant, Toddler & Booster seats when booking.

2. Pets-friendly!

We love your animals like they are ours and completely understand that you want to bring a pet in the limo for the ride. We do have some restrictions and fees in case of an accident, in that way we can make the limo service more comfortable and enjoyable for all of us.

3. Highly trained drivers!

Professional limo service drivers are highly trained experts, prepared to ensure passengers a safe, efficient ride to their destination. For limousine service, it is mandatory to have a clean driver and criminal record. Moreover, our chauffeurs are trained by a professional team and tested by Consumer Affairs getting a special vehicle for hire license. Additionally, professional transportation companies cover both their drivers and vehicles with sufficient insurance through the company. Do not forget about confidence and trust while using limousine service. Diamond Coach Limousine’s loyal customers value repetitive service with the same driver without having to control it, especially when it comes to the children's school transportation.

4. We speak 3 languages!

  • Nous parlons Français
  • Mówimy po Polsku
  • We speak English

5. We're a Local Guide!

As a local transportation company, we want to share our experience. Driving customers all around the Boca Raton area every day, we are proud to consider ourselves as Local Guides. We want to support the initiative from Google and we’ll show you many interesting places in our beautiful city.

We realize that many customers ask drivers for suggestions on where to go (restaurants, parks, salons), and we are happy to say we know many places where you can have a good time.

Now we want to share it with millions! Check our favorite places in Boca and the surrounding area.  

You can also review our company, and we'll appreciate every feedback!

Let us guide you through Boca Raton! Because we love our city, and we know it!

boca raton map local limo service diamond coach limousine places to go in boca florida

We're extremely happy about our collaboration with a talented local artist Lena Belyaeva. She created an incredible map of our beautiful city Boca Raton. As a local transportation company, we will share information about the most interesting places in Boca. Of course, we're ready to drive you all around the city and show how charming and delightful it is.

We are so excited to offer you top quality limo and transportation service, just like you want it.

Our clients deserve the best of everything, and there is no excuse for inefficiency.