Sending the biggest digital hugs to everyone.

We are facing the biggest challenge for the transportation and limo service we ever had. We work on it and try to stay strong and positive. We make new plans to be ready when everything will be over. We will be there with you providing great service for all our clients. Take care of yourself. Sending the biggest digital hugs to everyone.
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COVID-19 limo service updates

Transportation and travel are the lifestyles for Diamond Coach Limousine and our clients. These days, though, it’s impossible to think about travel without thinking about COVID-19. This is why we care deeply about your safety and we maintain the healthiest and safest environment possible for our clients and drivers.
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South Florida Spring Break Advices

Florida is one of the most popular party states for spring breakers among New York and California. The weather in Florida is close to perfection nine out of ten, even in late February and early March. The two main destinations in Florida for spring break are Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.
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Traveling Tips for Seniors

Traveling the world to get to know different countries and cultures or just relax and unwind is something that people of all ages can do. However, while travel can add more fun and excitement to your life, having to pass through airport security checkpoints is a serious problem, especially for older travelers. Unfortunately, airport security has become a time-consuming ordeal that can be problematic for the elderly. However, there are several ways to help speed up your journey through security checks. Here are a few ways for older travelers to easily get through airport security.
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Valentine's Day Ideas

Looking for a unique Valentine's Experience? We recommend booking one of our limousines or sedans for a complete romantic experience and fun evening.
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