Getting Back to Business

The world is gradually coming out of self-isolation and life is returning to its usual routine. In the coming days, many will return to their usual work in the office, but it is imperative to adhere to the four rules of behavior to prevent the spread of the deadly virus in the office and at home.

In accordance with the recommendations of medical institutions, when going to work, observe these precautions:

  1.  always wear a mask,
  2.  adhere to social distance,
  3.  disinfect your hands when touching any surface,
  4.  wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.

At the office

When you get to the office, opt for the stairs. If using stairs is not possible and you are taking the elevator, keep a distance of preferably six feet. Use your elbows to open the doors and avoid touching the surface with your hand. Ensure that your office space, desktop surfaces, and all office items that you use frequently are disinfected. Wash your hands with soap and water after using equipment such as a copier, refrigerator, shredder, water dispenser, etc. Bring lunch from home and eat strictly in your own room, trying not to use the shared kitchen.

When it comes to meetings, limit them to online meetings rather than offline ones. When you are at a meeting in a conference room, try to minimize the number of people and follow strict distancing.

According to the recommendation, people in the office should avoid frequent entrances and exits from office spaces, entering and exiting once.

When you get home, it is highly recommended to wash your hands, disinfect your bags, shoes, wash your clothes, and take a shower.

Prevention of COVID-19 in the Workplace

If you are a business that is reopening, Boca Raton’s official website recommends to view the links below for some helpful resources and information:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Businesses and Workplaces

United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration - COVID-19 Control & Prevention
American Hotel and Lodging Association - COVID-19 Resource Center
National Restaurant Association - COVID-19 Resources
U.S. Chamber of Commerce  Resources, Guides and Webinars

How To Stay Safe At Work During The COVID-19 Outbreak

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