Limo VS Uber/Lyft

Limo service and ride-sharing apps, like Uber and Lyft, are two of the most popular options for transportation nowadays. Uber / Lyft services are ideal for people who are in a hurry for a meeting or need to quickly move around the city, but this service lacks the professionalism, comfort, and reliability of a traditional limo service. Uber is focusing on completing as many rides in as little time possible. Not the case with private limo services, especially Diamond Coach Limousine & Airport Transportation where comfort and service are our priorities. Read below about 4 reasons to book a limousine service instead of an Uber or Lyft on your next airport transfer or business travel.

1. Time

You could order Uber right before the trip, so it is perfect for a quick short transfer. There is also an option to schedule your trip to the application, but there is no 100% guarantee to do so. You could be surprised by the message “There is no scheduling option in your area”, which is not what you want to see booking a car ride for airport transportation at 5 am in the morning. 

 Don't request an Uber ride too early and then ask the driver to wait 10 minutes while you finish getting ready. This may happen in the mornings and after people are getting out of bars. Uber drivers usually have plenty of rides available at those hours so it won't be a loss to them. Limo service works differently. You preorder your service in advance mostly of times. 

2. Money

Ride-hailing apps are easy to book and often cheaper but they use surge pricing. This means an increase in the base price of an Uber fare calculated by evaluating supply (the number of drivers in an area) and demand (the number of people who need a car).  Limo service companies will provide you a flat rate depending on your destination. Limo companies usually do not require a deposit, however, they will require credit card information to hold certain trips. Our company will charge the card after your trip. Diamond Coach Limousine uses the credit card number taken at the time of your limo order for this purpose. Tips and taxes are included, so it would not be any financial surprises.

3. Comfort

Ride-share vehicles for Uber and Lyft are just the driver’s personal car, van, or SUV. On the contrary, limo service offers comfort and style. The limousine service vehicles will be clean, properly maintained, and well kept providing an enjoyable ride for you and your guest. Some Uber drivers do this all day and can't keep the car in showroom condition every ride. Professional limousine services also offer more personalized attention. Uber or Lyft vehicles can serve dozens of passengers throughout the day, at the same time, limos only arrive considering you. For example, Diamond Coach Limousine's team notes the wishes and habits of our loyal customers to make the trip is just perfect.  Limo service clients dealt with by a person, that is why special requests are possible and handled by a human team, not a computer program. Another important aspect to choose limo service instead of Uber or Lyft is the help with luggage. It is not a part of a ride-sharing driver job. Limo service driver will safely help you to load and unload your luggage regardless of the weather or traffic conditions.

4. Safety

Almost anyone with a car and a smartphone can drive for Uber. Ride-share chauffeurs may not be familiar with the area and have no experience in customer service. On the contrary, professional limo service drivers are highly trained experts, prepared to ensure passengers a safe, efficient ride to their destination. For limousine service, it is mandatory to have a clean driver and a clean criminal record. Moreover, our chauffeurs are trained by a professional team and tested by Consumer Affairs getting a special vehicle for hire license. Additionally, professional transportation companies cover both their drivers and vehicles with sufficient insurance through the company. Do not forget about confidence and trust while using limousine service. Diamond Coach Limousine’s loyal customers value repetitive service with the same driver without having to control it, especially when it comes to the children's school transportation.

Now that you know the advantages of hiring a private car service vs Uber/Lyft, please call (561) 218-1887 to make your reservations or visit Feel confident by choosing the industry leader in chauffeured transportation in Boca Raton area.

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