How to book a hotel room

Preparing for your vacation or next business trip? After you will decide with transportation options, such as flight, car rental or limo service, you will dive in the hotel booking ocean. Below we give you best tips on how to book a hotel room without stress and for the best price.

How can I book my hotel?

There are 4 main ways to book a hotel room with its own set of benefits and challenges:

  • Direct booking from the hotel’s official website;
  • Booking from the aggregators (Expedia, Booking, ect.);
  • Hotel discounts portals (Priceline, Hotwire, ect.);
  • Travel agents.

boca raton hotels on the google map

Direct booking

Log on to the hotel’s website directly and buy without any intermediary. Hotels might offer you a low-price guarantee, extra points, the ability to cancel your reservation without a penalty, or other interesting offers such as “Stay longer-save more” or “Florida resident discounts”. For example, Delray Sand Resort offers a variety of special packages and discounts.

Diamond Coach Limousine near Delray Sands Resort

Price Deals and Bidding

Websites like Priceline and Hotwire offer deep discounts off regular rates without the ability to choose the exact property and location or collect frequent-stayer points. As Hotwire says “Choose the Location, Star Rating & Amenities. Let Hotwire Find You the Best Deal”.  It is also called “Mystery deals” when the hotel name is only revealed after payment. You could potentially identify which hotel you're getting by checking out Better Bidding. There is the other side of mystery deals, you may get the worst room in the house. Your reservation is completely nonrefundable. 

Another price shop option is a price bidding, a virtual auction that involves offering your own price on a known hotel (keep in mind that a bid is a commitment to that price each time). 

hotwire boca raton deals screenshot

Hotel Booking Sites

According to there are 11 best hotel booking sites (in no particular order)

These large websites buy blocks of rooms at wholesale prices, then resell them to you at a markup, but still significantly less than if you were booking at the sticker price (also called the rack rate).

The main benefit of it is the ability to compare prices and quick search results.

Travel agent

A human agent has access to a wide range of hotel rooms through a reservation system and may even have access to some specially negotiated “unpublished” rates.

Pros: A real agent can take the time to listen to you and find the best possible room based on your wants and needs.

Cons: You might pay a little more once you factor in any booking fees and related charges. Agents also take a commission from hotels, which they do not always reveal to their clients. (Sometimes, even after commissions and other fees are factored in, it can still be a good deal.)

No matter how you decide to book a hotel, you’ll want to get a good idea of what the going rate is for a hotel room for the dates of your visit. 

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