Eat, drink and shop in MIA

When you’re traveling through an airport, it’s easy to be basic and settle for a boring bottle of water and a pack of gum. But what if you have time to spare? (Hint: you always have time to spare because there’s always a delay.) Is there a way to make your vacation glow linger and a way to pay tribute to the Magic City?

Yes. By experiencing Miami International Airport in the most Miami way possible.

Here, we offer you the most Miami places to eat, drink and shop in our airport.

You don’t need to go to Sbarro. There are plenty of places to get Cuban food in the airport.

You don’t need to go to Sbarro. There are plenty of places to get Cuban food in the airport.

Terminal D West

Eat: My Ceviche. You can load up on ceviche or order a poke bowl, both of which are extremely edible, unlike airline snacks. When they’re in season you can even get Florida stone crabs (Oct. 15-May 15).

Drink: Lorena Garcia Cocina. Order all the rum drinks. You’ll forget about the crying babies on your flight in no time.

Shop: Miami Heat Store. You can’t go home without some swag from Miami’s favorite sports team. We recommend a #3 jersey.

Terminal D East

Eat: Estefan Kitchen Express. A Cuban sandwich is full of magical properties, chief among them the power to make you fall asleep in a tiny airplane seat with no leg room.

Drink: Stay right there at Estefan Kitchen Express and order a mojito. Mojitos kill germs and promote happiness and well being.

Shop: Books & Books. What better place to procure reading material for your flight than an outpost of Miami’s favorite indie book store?

Terminal E

Eat: La Carreta or Cafe Versailles. Spend your layover running between the two and doing a taste test of Cuban delicacies.

Drink: Air Margaritaville. You’re still in Florida. You can’t avoid Jimmy Buffett. So order a margarita. We recommend salt, rocks, but you do you.

Shop: Havana Collection. If you visit Miami, you are required to purchase a guayabera. This is your last chance.

Terminal F

Eat: Half Moon Empanadas. If you’ve managed to visit Miami and not try an empanada, that’s a special sort of sin. You can make things right here.

Drink: Cafe Versailles. Because a steaming cortadito is better than a Budweiser any day.

Shop: Florida Lottery. Just think about it. If your numbers come in, you can book a week at the Ritz-Carlton and fly back.

Terminal G

Eat: Au Bon Pain. Yeah, it’s not really Miami, but there is bread there. And sometimes carbs are all that keeps you from weeping when you miss your connection.

Drink: Bacardi Mojito. Did we not tell you mojitos are magic?

Shop: Spend your money at Jetsetter Spa, because nothing makes a travel day more relaxing than a quick wax.

Terminal H

Eat: Nathan’s Famous. Buy a hot dog and hearken back to that mysterious, long-ago era when New York was the biggest influence in Miami.

Drink: Heineken Bar. Look, it’s not a craft IPA – but it beats Budweiser.

Shop: Navarro. It is Miami’s favorite pharmacy, and no matter what you need, it could save your life.

You know you need a guayabera.

You know you need a guayabera.

Terminal J

Eat: Bongo’s Cuban Cafe. Because nobody ever gets enough croquetas.

Drink: Corona Beach House. You are not required to order Corona, although you can. We peeked at the wine menu. They serve Meiomi Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. We approve.

Shop: Cubavera. We told you about the Guayabera Rule. And no, you won’t look silly wearing one when you’re home in Ohio.

We wish you on-time departures. But if you don’t get them, at least now you know what to do.

We wish you on-time departures. But if you don’t get them, at least now you know what to do.

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