Getting Back to Business

The world is gradually coming out of self-isolation and life is returning to its usual routine. In the coming days, many will return to their usual work in the office, but it is imperative to adhere to the four rules of behavior to prevent the spread of the deadly virus in the office and at home.
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Domestic flights during COVID-19

The pandemic has engulfed the entire world, dealt a devastating blow to tourism, and significantly reduced the number of trips. Despite this fact, planes continue to fly for those who need it vitally for work or health. Do not be afraid of flying at this difficult time, be well prepared, and pay attention to details by staying vigilant and well informed. We hope that our tips will help you do this.
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Palm Beach County COVID-19 Updates

Palm Beach County announces parks, natural areas, marinas, boat ramps, docks, and golf courses to reopen with limitations on Wednesday, April 29.
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Sending the biggest digital hugs to everyone.

We are facing the biggest challenge for the transportation and limo service we ever had. We work on it and try to stay strong and positive. We make new plans to be ready when everything will be over. We will be there with you providing great service for all our clients. Take care of yourself. Sending the biggest digital hugs to everyone.
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COVID-19 limo service updates

Transportation and travel are the lifestyles for Diamond Coach Limousine and our clients. These days, though, it’s impossible to think about travel without thinking about COVID-19. This is why we care deeply about your safety and we maintain the healthiest and safest environment possible for our clients and drivers.
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