5 Travel Insurance Tips

Has it snowed at your home airport yet? It could soon. And while everyone knows that flights generally face more delays and cancellations in winter than in summer, mainly because winter weather can wreak havoc on schedules and plans, not everyone knows just how much travel insurance can offset the financial risk of those winter problems—at least partially. Here are the common winter travel nightmares that insurance could help you escape, and the buying rules to make sure you’ll be covered or compensated.
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Merry Christmas

Diamond Coach Limousine and Airport Transportation wishes all our current and future valued customers Merry Christmas, health, happiness and prosperity! Thank you for choosing our service this year and we look forward to continue serving you for a long time to come.
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A song and dance about Christmas tips

Staff at Stansted Airport have filmed their own version of the 12 Days of Christmas carol, sharing advice for passengers flying over the Christmas period.
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A guide to choosing a cruise

There's a good reason why cruising is the biggest and fastest-growing sector of the tourism industry: there's an ideal cruise for everyone, no matter who you are or what you're looking for — or even what you want to avoid. Here are some tips to get your started.
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6 things for infrequent fliers

Holiday travel: 6 things to know if you haven't been on a plane since last year. Joining the throngs of travelers boarding a plane this holiday season? If you haven't been on a plane since last year's Thanksgiving or Christmas getaway, a mixed bag of airline changes await. Among the bad news: Baggage fees are higher. On the positive side: You'll find more free in-flight entertainment and instant messaging.
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